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"We love it! You're so talented. Your professionalism and service are very much appreciated: 

we HIGHLY recommend you."     . -Stephanie & Kerey


            "Amazing! Unique! WOW!! Dom did an amazing job. My wife had tears of joy in her eyes after seeing it. We shared it with friends and couldn't believe the multiple responses of, 'Oh my god, your videographer did an unbelievable job!' He appreciated and embraced our very ethnic wedding, from our traditions to our music. He took the time to get to know us, understand what and who was important to us, put his special touch on it, and create everlasting beautiful memories.  more  -Louis & Toni


"It was never our intention to get a videographer...3 weeks before the wedding and I was a fragile, broken groom and had no more fight in me. My mother wanted a videographer, my fiancé wanted to kill me, and I JUST WANTED TO ELOPE. Dom definitely came through clutch ...we were having 2 (yes 2) wedding ceremonies - Hindu ceremony Friday, the... 

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...American on Saturday and were afraid that a videographer would be intrusive. Dom was very flexible & made me feel at ease.He was on top of everything, punctual and extremely professional. The package was far less than his competitors in price but not in product. I DON'T KNOW IF THIS APPLIES TO EVERYONE THAT GETS MARRIED but the events were an entire blur (and this has nothing to do with the booze). I am eternally grateful that I can relive these moments and truly appreciate the events as they happened."    -Vinay & Kelsey


      "Dom caught every aspect of our incredible day and so creatively! He went well beyond the call of duty. On top of his expertise, he has a delightful personality and is fun to work with."      -Sebastian & Mary      


             "We were so impressed and touched by your work. Your dedication and talent shine through in the way you capture priceless memories. Thanks for all your hard work & sincere care."      more    -Kimberly & Zian


                                   "DOM IS WONDERFUL... PERIOD.  He has the best prices, equipment, attitude, and all the talent to back it up!!!  His customer service and satisfaction policies are out of this world!  ...give Dom a call, you won't regret it!"      -Jennifer & Donald


"Everyone's wedding is supposed to be a fairy tale.  It was amazing to work with such a talented team of professionals. Dom put so much effort and love into the video that we will cherish it for the rest of our lives. I recommend him to EVERYONE because everyone should have the gift of love we received from our video! My parents were especially grateful for the reasonable pricing and options Dom gave them! We love you"   more   -Gianna & Bobby 


                                     "Thanks so much! We're very happy with our video. So many things that we missed in our own wedding you captured beautifully"    -Cecilia


"I would highly encourage you to schedule with Dom …he is passionate. Flexibility was also important - in our case it was a last minute realization that our wedding day would be 13 to 15 hours long. Dom was understanding and worked with us to reasonably (keyword!) adjust our contract to meet our needs and, most important to all couples planning their wedding, the BUDGET!"     more     -Dennis


      "The video is perfect...EXCELLENT...I felt tears, honestly. You've captured the best moments  :)     I hope I can share how YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT VIDEOGRAPHER!!"               -Jay & Cheryll


                 "As good as it gets and better! The service was stellar  and I'm very satisfied. Planning was effortless and a pleasure. Dom is easy to contact, friendly, and extremely professional. His prices are very competitive (believe me, I shopped around) and his work is of great quality. Great job!"     -Erika


      "Thanks for all the heart, work, and endless hours you put into making our video.You did an AMAZING job and were able to capture all the excitement, joy, and love of our wedding. The Video is beyond perfect and still brings tears of joy to our eyes as we watch it over and over. Even our family and friends watch it repeatedly and get emotional! We are so happy we chose you...You are a master of your profession and we commend you for a job well done! Outstanding!"    more     -Mack & GG


                                                        "It's WONDERFUL!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work ...P E R F E C T!!!"                                                 .more    -Christine


      "The DVD's are beautiful; we watched them with our parents and grandparents and they love it. The Flower Girls and Ring Bearer were very excited to see themselves too :)  You did an awesome job, we love the video and it was great to see the wedding from beginning to end since there were things we missed. You're EXTREMELY professional and wonderful to work with"     - Yvette & Dan


"We're very impressed. Dom is not only professional, but utterly easy to talk to. He listened intensely...was punctual ...never in the way, did a great job of blending in, & delivered to us in the timeframe promised. We were speechless after viewing the video ...more than we expected by ten folds, very nicely edited & packaged. FANTASTIC!       TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!"     more    -Tri & Yun


"You're very talented! Thanks so much"    -Hilary & Lars    


"We loved it! There were a lot of great artistic effects. And I really like how you included James' dad when James is on the computer cam. That was nice. It's so meaningful to have something to look back on and reminisce in the future ...things I didn't even get to see on the day of the wedding but saw on the video. VERY COOL. We truly loved everything ...such a wonderful job."     -Lisa & James


                  "We got our DVD and it's absolutely beautiful  ...wonderful, and we absolutely LOVED the music video!! It was perfect! Thanks so much!!! We just can't thank you enough!    :)   Much love"      more    -Chelsea & Brian 


            "How often does one get married? ...Yes, a 2-hour DVD of a wedding day is great, but come on, let's face it, the family and friends really just want to see a short glimpse of the whole day to be wow'd...worth a great deal more than he charges ...great attention to detail, non-invasive and SUPER polite throughout the whole day, and so very excellent at editing (really the most important thing!)... if you need a talented visionary to express your big day in all its glory on film, this is the company for you!!"        - Mercy & Donny


  "Thanks Dom! We really appreciate all the work you put in. We really love this video! "    more   -Ling & Eugene


            "We really liked it and thank you for all your hardwork. We loved how everything was edited and shot - definitely captured our moments, recreating our memories of our special day."      -Nessie & Brian


        "...Our warmest gratitude! We absolutely LOVE what you presented us. You are very talented and we are truly blessed to have worked with you. Thanks for all your hard work. Your passion definitely shows in your work!"     more      -Angel & Expedita 


    "We were really happy with the videography work Dom provided. His professionalism and attention to detail far exceeded our expectations. We will be referring him to friends who ask us, "Do you know of a good videographer?"        

.                  -Marbely & Jeff


"Having Bay Area VDO Production cover our wedding was the best choice we did. Dom was very easy to get along with and we knew after our first meeting that we need not worry about anything anymore..."    more    -Tom & Janice


                     "Thanks so much for all your hard work, it definitely show on your works. You went way and beyond our call and expectation, we're just STUNNED when we watch our video!"      - Ben & Susan


        "You did a fantastic job! We genuinely appreciate your professionalism and all the time you invested to create the video, which came out beautifully. Your strong eye for detail captured so many moments and the music video was above and beyond exceptional. It's something we, along with our family and friends, will treasure for many years to come. We give you our highest regards!"   more    -Christina & Trevor


                    "Thanks so much for sharing your talent and creativity with us! ...we loved our video. You made our video unique and special. It has brought back the joy we shared that day in such a way that we will never forget. Our recollection of our wedding day with you close by was that you were part of the wedding party. You fit in that well!  Thanks again! "    more    -Giovanna & Cristian


                  "We love it! Thank you for your hard work and capturing our wedding day for us!”       more       -Kevin


                                                "Nick and I are extremely happy with our video. You exceeded our expectations. All of our friends and family are very impressed and strongly feel you captured all the special moments ...your work shows how talented and dedicated you are. We will definitely recommend you. Thanks again for capturing this special day and allowing us to have these memories forever."   more     -Anabel & Nick.


 "Your creativity and respectfulness helped us so greatly during our celebration. Thanks for doing outstanding work!"         - Buddy & Air


        "The DVD Dom shot is definitely the CENTERPIECE of our wedding memorabilia. Not only for friends and family who couldn't come, but my parents, who were there, watch their DVD all time. We especially like how it captures thefull spiritof the wedding in a condensed time. Dima's friends and family in Ukraine loved being able to see the whole ceremony."         -Nicole & Dima


"Thanks for the incredible is amazing captured the day perfectly!"          -Krishellz


            "From the menu options to the actual footage, our video is of the highest quality. Dom's work far exceeded our expectations in every way possible ...a masterpiece ...beautiful  because it captures the highlights of our special day, but also because it showcases Dom's incredible vision. We couldn't recommend Bay Area VDO more!"      -Marisa & Jason


                                                                   "Absolutely love it! 

Thanks for all your hard work and effort."       -Julie


"Dom! You are a very professional person. You made Jesse and I feel so comfortable. Our wedding was captured by your good eye to detail. Now, I can always go back to experience that wonderful day over again! The music video was AWESOME! 

I definitely recommend you!"         -Martha & Jesse


                          "We are so thrilled by the work you did for us for the Shanti Breast Cancer Foundation 'In Your Dreams Fashion Show' at the Four Seasons..."        -The Lily Samii Collection


"The video is amazing. You did a wonderful job."  -Jade 


                 "Thanks again for accommodating our last-minute VDO decision. It turned out so wonderful. We are glad we had your professional help. We like your style of cutting -- movie-style -- no funny video transitions ...looks so great we watch it over and over again."      -Yao & Ju


"It really is great! Thanks for doing such a beautiful job!"   -Kerri


      "Dom! You are so wonderful! We are so impressed with your artistic genius! What a wonderful job you did! It is so lovely and perfect!"    more   -Joanne and Brian


                                           "Dom is excellent!  He is the choice for videography! ...he delivered ...extremely professional. The video he produced for us is truly special and unique and captured everything we wanted."    more    -Boline


        "It's absolutely amazing, everyone loves it and they all have wonderful things to say about you and your talent. You captured so many rare moments and things that I didn’t even realize were going on. I wouldn’t change a single thing...and in the exact words of my husband, 'If I told him exactly what to tape, it wouldn’t even be 50% of what he captured, he is amazing' "      -Saba         


"OUT OF ALL OUR WEDDING VENDORS, YOU WERE THE BEST. You were so easy to work with, your prices were reasonable, and you threw in so many freebees. We love the video and shared it with our families at Thanksgiving. They were impressed with the editing, as well as the artistic flare."   -Julie & Roger


 "This is the most beautiful wedding video I have ever seen, of course!...a beautiful reminder of the one most special times in our lives. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts! ...we keep on showing our video to friends and family. Everybody is so impressed."     more     -Rowena & Cody

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